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Medik8 Advanced Training

Medik8 training courses are given according to a fixed daily schedule. The morning consists of the theoretical part, including product explanation and can be introduced with the products to be used for the relevant training. At the end of this morning part a lunch follows, after which the training is continued with the practical part. The learned knowledge is put into practice by the students themselves and they practice each other. At the end of the training a certificate of participation will be issued as well as a training passport containing all training courses offered by Medik8. As soon as all training and education have been followed, you can call yourself Medik8 Ultimate Specialist (MUS).

The Medik8 Advanced training is a two-day training especially for our new depositaires. We will go deeper into the functioning of the products and the entire INCI of all Medik8 products

  • The training is free.
  • All Medik8 products are discussed.
  • All salon products and treatments are covered.
  • All INCI are discussed extensively.
  • It is a Medik8 training specifically for advanced students.
  • You will receive a certificate of participation.
  • Your participation will be noted in your Medik8 training passport.
  • Lunch is included.

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