• Laser treatment device to promote hair growth

    The HairMax® works via the principle of PhotoBio Stimulation, a process by which laser energy is delivered to the hair follicle. Laser PhotoTherapy stimulates growth factors within the hair follicle. Some users report stabilization of hair fallout at the onset of treatment followed by subsequent faster and thicker new hair growth. This points to the fact that the HairMax effectively targets the hair follicle at the cellular level and in some way both speeds up the hair growth process while at the same time inducing the growth of a thicker (or terminal) hair where a thin, dying hair may have been in place previously.

  • The science of thicker hair

    Hair Thickening Fibres stick to your hair using static electricity. The patent-pending metal strip on Nanogen Fibres ensures they get the greatest and most reliable charge of any fibre product. This means Nanogen fibres stay in place all day even when others might let you down, through wind, rain and perspiration.

    Ultra-fine fibres bind to your hair for instant natural hair thickness that lasts all day

    ​- Real hair thickness in just 30 seconds
    - Pure natural keratin, just like your hair
    - Binds to your hair all day through wind, rain, and persipration
    - Works on thinning crowns or general diffuse hair loss
    - 10 shades can be mixed to match any hair type or colour
    - Dermatologically tested for sensitive scalps