For the effective non-surgical treatment of cellulite,
skin tightening & fat reduction for the face and body


3D Aesthetics has achieved awards for Best Treatment, Best British Based Manufacturer, and Best Equipment Supplier in the Prestigious Aesthetic Awards, as well as actively being endorsed by numerous celebrities, doctors and surgeons. 3D-lipo is now available in over 1000 clinics in the UK.

Due to the vast success of 3D-lipo, the first machine devised to treat fat reduction, cellulite and skin tightening, the ‘3 Dimensional’ philosophy has been adopted and used to create a range of non-surgical multi-functional devices for both the face and body. With a product portfolio for both the face & body, our products offer fantastic results with a bespoke and prescriptive approach to the client’s needs with our 3 Dimensional twist. Our latest branding re-enforces this position by the addition of strap line – The Power of Three! Our unique approach, competitive prices, backed by affordable finance, and unrivalled marketing and national PR and advertising support for our clients, has truly established the 3D brand as force to be reckoned with.

3D-lipo is unique and one of the most advanced systems of type market today, becoming one of the most sought after body treatments in the UK. It is important to us when developing technology that it not only performs, but that it stands out from the crowd, which not only provides our organisation with an edge, but also our clients in a competitive market place. It is also vital that the price of any device is such that our clients make money from day one.