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Oxygenetix est le seul produit de maquillage disponible sur le marché à base d’,oxygène et perméable à l’air. Il permettra à vos patientes d’être magnifiques pendant leur convalescence. Il favorise la cicatrisation et aide la peau à paraître jeune et belle.

Oxygenetix convient à tous les types de peau y compris les peaux sensibles et ayant subi une intervention chirurgicale. Il apaise et favorise la cicatrisation de la peau sans l’irriter ou entraîner l’apparition de boutons.

What are the differences between Oxygenetix and Lycogel?

Formulator and product designer, Barry Knapp, created both products. Lycogel was ground breaking and proved to be a huge success when brought to market back in 2001.
Mr. Knapp parted ways with Lycogel when the company changed his original formula simply to lower production costs without consideration of the benefits the removed ingredients had provided. Today Mr. Knapp introduces Oxygenetix, the culmination of his years of research and listening to doctor and patient input.
Oxygenetix takes the category to a whole new level of providing relief and helping patients look and feel better, even before leaving the doctors office It’s continued use promotes youthful healthy skin, and provides breathable flawless coverage for all skin types.

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